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About Caroline Strawson

My background is the medical sector but I needed more income to support myself and my two kids as I found myself a single parent. So in October 2013, I started by Forever home based business and have gone from 0 to a six figure income in 18 months and am passionate about helping others do the same.

* Extra income
* Flexibility around your current commitments
* A new challenge
* New friendships
* Personal development
* Uncapped Income
* Global travel
* Car plan

My name is Caroline and 4 years ago I found myself as a single mum to my two beautiful children and I was left in huge amounts of debt, juggling childcare and my job in the medical sector as a podiatrist. I was stuck in a tax credit trap and things took a turn for the worse in April 2013 when I had my family home repossessed. In October 2013, I started my business with Forever Living. What Forever has now done for me is given me total financial peace of mind. I am debt free, on no tax credits, I quit my job as a podiatrist last June as my income far exceeds what I ever earned as a podiatrist, my eldest son is enrolled in a private secondary school in September. I am the total stay at home mum I always wanted to be. I offer personal one to one coaching and mentoring and Forever has gold standard IIP training. There is so much support and free online training that are child friendly, so you need have no background in mlm or business. I have now built up a very successful business and my personal development has been priceless. My passion is helping other people who feel they can't earn an incredible income from home around their existing commitments, to help coach you to build up your confidence not just in the business but the rest of your life. I am currently looking for people to personally coach and mentor. Social media savvy is a bonus but not essential but a willingness to learn and a friendly manner is essential. It's truly changed myself and my children's lives now and I want to share and show you that maybe there is another way forward for you and your family. I know first hand how tough life can be and I have a genuine desire to help and show others how Forever can change your life too. I have a huge team I have built up and am in the top 20 for Forever Business Owners in the UK. Let me help and show you how you can do the same. Open to everyone over 18, men and women regardless of background. I look forward to hearing from you.

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