Wendy Hirst

XanGo Worldwide Independent Business Owner

About Wendy Hirst

Hi, my name is Wendy. Welcome to my profile page.

I enjoy teaching people to create a Home Business taking a little money and a little time, and leveraging that to create wealth. They will also enjoy tax advantages that go along with that home business and become healthier in the process. This will give them time freedom and health to enjoy life and extra money to pursue other interests... Make this the year you become sound in body, mind & spirit.

My mission is to make a difference to 1 person today!

I am a wife, step-mom, health nut in training, gardener, mother hen to 39 hens & a hound dog, political junkie, amateur cook, business owner... and I'm always striving to be a better person.

Comfort. Risk.
Both are enjoyable.
One we strive to create. One we try to minimize.
One can make us lazy. One can make us stronger.
When did you last risk failure? When did you last leave your comfort zone?
S.L. Parker

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