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Lightyear Wireless Business Opportunity
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About Lightyear Wireless

Lightyear Wireless offers individuals an opportunity to save on their wireless cell phone bill, while at the same time, the potential to earn a residual income by developing their own network of customers and associates. Ask yourself. Do you own a cell phone? Does your wireless providerallow you a way to get your service for free? Would you like it if you did? Would you also like it if they allowed you to get paid to teach others how to get their service for free as well? It really is that simple. With Lightyear Wireless you don't need to convince someone to try some new potion or pill... they are most likely already using a cell phone on a daily basis, and all you need to do is just get them to switch wireless providers. In fact, they may not even be switching at all, since Lightyear is already partnered with major providers like Verizon and Sprint.
The Lightyear business opportunity is simple to explain and has mass appeal. Unlike other opportunities where it may takes weeks or longer to understand the benefits of their complicated nutritional products, the Lightyear concept can be grasped over a cup of coffee. "Get Paid to Help People Earn FREE Wireless Service" - about says it all.

Start-Up Cost Comparison

How Much Does it Cost to Get Started with Lightyear Wireless?

bHIP Global$49.95
Lightyear Wireless$49.99
4Life Research$50.00
Talk Fusion$50.00

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