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Pure3x is a Designer Beverage Club / Business Opportunity, dedicated to creating products that fulfill very specific health oriented needs. For example, their RENEW beverage delivers a powerful boost of energy, while also providing a high level of vitamins, fruits, and antioxidants. Another "Viagra style" beverage called PASSION, claims to improve sexual performance. You'll need to check out the company directly to find out more about these and the other unique beverage products they offer, and give them a try for yourself.
As for a business... if these products do what they claim, it sounds like there would be a lot of re-orders! Imagine being the one to invent bottled water, or Red Bull energy drinks. If these designer beverages take off, you could be positioned to do very well for yourself.

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How Much Does it Cost to Get Started with Pur3x?

Signature HomeStyles$189.00
Silpada Designs$199.00
Organo Gold$199.00

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