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Zrii Reviews

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Reviewed July 25, 2011 by Terri Armstrong

I've been in the corporate world for 20 plus years - and I've never experienced the type and quality of leadership I have with Zrii. The systems to support distributors, the training, the leadership are all incredible - they don't allow people to fail because of 'not knowing how to do something'. The only way a distributor will fail (not make money) with Zrii is if they quit.
The Products are absolutely life-changing, and customers are very loyal to the products. They (products) are 100% all natural, safe and effective.
The compensation plan is unmatched in the industry with up-front commissions paid weekly and bonuses paid weekly and monthly -- electronically via debit/logo card. (It is very nice to not have to wait on a paycheck in the mail.)
If you have questions about Zrii -feel free to contact me. I'll help get all your questions answered.

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